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Three Unit Set – Castle Theme

Our BigBoxPlay 3 Unit Play Castle theme playhouse is an exciting cardboard playhouse adored by kids as well as adults. It comes with 2 unassembled towers, 1 tunnel, and castle-themed panels. In addition, each kids indoor play castle comes with one erasable panel so that children can personalize their cardboard playhouse with the colors and designs of their choice.

Moreover, 60 connector knobs and 150 grommets are also included so that this cardboard playset has a strong foundation, is fun to build and is safe for kids. Importantly, the children's playhouse is specially designed to facilitate the learning of essential life skills such as teamwork, creativity, communications, critical thinking, and tactile development.

Explore more about how BigBoxPlay tunnel set can help children in your school, day care center, community center, or church. Learn about the power of creativity and imagination, all while having a super fun time!

Each 3 Unit STEM kid’s playhouse includes:

● 2 Unassembled Towers and 1 Tunnel

● 3 Castle-Themed Connectable Panels

● 1 Dry Erasable Panel

● 150 Grommets / 60 Connector Knobs

Shipping Cost: FREE


Three Unit Set – Castle Theme